Date 14-03-2019 Time 01:30
Location Moil NT 0810, Australia

Term 1 Executive meeting. Our first meeting was inquorate, so we have rescheduled. Please attend!!

We have a lot on the agenda, so I have prioritised items and items 12 to 17 can be postponed until a Term 2 meeting needed in advance of our AGM. Let's see how we go for time. 

Notice of motions

1. That GTHANT provide free 12 month renewals for 2018 members to facilitate the transfer to Tidy HQ Moved: Steve Hawkins, Second: Julie Hearnden

TidyHQ will be a valuable way for us to manage our memberships, but the very slow process of waiting for renewal dates means the system is not currently working for us. We can add existing members as contacts, but not as members, allowing for automatic renewals. To counter this, we propose offering all 2018 members free renewal in 2019 providing the renew on TidyHQ. 

2. That GHTANT consolidate our web presence to TidyHQ and end our account with HaveALook. Moved: Steve Hawkins, Second Julie Hearnden

Potential amendment: maintain both web presences for 2019 and consolidate in 2020

TidyHQ provides a web presence as part of their service. HaveALook is certainly more powerful and customisable, but we should discuss and vote on whether we persist with HaveALook when we can have a website via TidyHQ. Currently our domain name is connected to HaveALook, and we will need to determine whether we can transfer that domain name to TidyHq (so GHTANT.ORG.AU will direct to TidyHQ. The HaveALook invoice is now due, so we may like to hold this over.

2a. If amendment to postpone is accepted: That GHTANT purchases the domain name GHTANT.ASN.AU to associate with our TidyHQ account for $14.95/year

ASN is the web abbreviation for Association. If we cannot reallocated ORG to a new website in the future, it may be useful to control both domain names. 

3. That GHTANT engages with the ETANT mini-conference on Saturday April 6 by offering four workshops. Moved: Steve Hawkins, seconder required

ETANT has asked if GHTANT would like to join them in presenting workshops on a mini-conference on Saturday 6 April. They suggested we offer four workshops in conjunction with the workshops delivered by ETANT. Note, we have not budgeted for this in our PTANT PL budget, but it likely won't cost much beyond some resourcing. We would need to find four potential workshops - I am happy to run the two I did in Alice Springs last year. 

4. That GHTANT provides sponsorship for three teachers to attend the International Military Writer's Festival at a cost of $450. Moved: Steve Hawkins, Seconded: Raine Caldwell

Friday sessions are free, but Saturday and Sunday are charged at $15 per session with five sessions each day. Happy to amend this up since it's not expensive. 


a. Attendance fees and workshop timing

During a PTANT discussion, some members of other associations said that they found attendance levels increase when an attendance fee is charged, as members take the training/event more seriously. They also find that registrations better match attendance when a fee is charged. 

We also discussed whether a Saturday event may (or may not!) get more attendees for the Middle Years event than a workday event with ERT support. 

There are pros and cons, and I thought we could quickly discuss how this might impact on our MY event in Term 2. 

b. Middle Years event

General discussion on how this event should be planned/organised etc.

c. Military Writer's Festival social event

The Friday afternoon event - At the Edge of Australia - is free. Do we want to attend, followed by dinner? A possible alternative is that we purchase tickets to the Friday evening event - The Day Everything Changed - with Peter FItzsimmon at $45 a ticket. 

d. AGTA Textbooks

Should we purchase more for the MY event or the FoT? 

e. Executive roles

Adding Central Australia Officer, Membership Officer, Web Officer?

f. Institutional memberships

Does it make it harder for us to connect with individuals at these schools? Can we create a stronger community with individual members? Administratively, individual memberships are much easier. Do we only provide individual scholarships to individual members?

g. Membership fees

Are we happy with where these are?

h. Tiwi To Todd

How can we get this moving? Gift cards haven't worked. Do we give release time? Do we need to change the timing/format/frequency?

i. AGTA National Conference

Possibility to host the 2023 event. Time to discuss further, but what are initial thoughts?

Minute Taker

Charleen Conroy


Steve Hawkins
1 Welcome For Noting
2 Minutes from previous meeting For Action
3 Reports - President, Treasurer For Noting
4 Correspondence For Noting
5 Membership - free renewals to add transfer to TidyHQ For Action
6 Attendance fees & workshop timing For Discussion
7 GHTANT website For Action
8 Term 2 Middle Years event For Discussion
9 ETANT Invitation For Discussion
10 Military History - Military Writer's Festival For Action
11 Military History social event?
12 AGTA textbook purchases For Action
13 Executive roles For Discussion
14 Membership - institutional membership For Discussion
15 Membership fees For Discussion
16 Tiwi To Todd newsletter For Discussion
17 National conference - AGTA For Noting
18 Any other business? For Discussion