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Recent Professional Development


Festival of Teaching - 26 August 2017


GHTANT was again highly involved with the organisation of the festival of Teaching.  Keynote speakers were Joe Lo Bianco and Steve Collard.  GHTANT members presented three workshops which were well attended and well received.


 AGTA Roadshow

Late 2017 we welcomed the AGTA Roadshow team of Grant Kleeman, Rebecca Nicholas and Sharon McLean to Darwin for a very successful professional learning day. The twenty-odd teachers attended specific workshops for their level of experience – new, experienced or primary teachers. Experienced teachers furthered their geographic skills through fieldwork design and exposure a vast array of ICT-based tools, apps and websites to enable them to bring STEM into the Geography classroom.

Elena Mujkic, from Katherine, reflected on the workshop for teachers new to teaching Geography.


'Attending Grant Kleeman’s sessions for inexperienced teachers of Geography at the 2017 AGTA Geography Skills Roadshow felt like the answer to a mystery for which I had been finding clues all year. Coming to Humanities and therefore Geography teaching without an academic background in the disciplines has been challenging; thrilling, but most definitely trying. While I find Geography fascinating, the way it intersects land and people, it can be a very technical subject difficult to decipher as a beginner. Grant’s sessions provided the foundational knowledge needed to teach Geography and a rich space in which to discuss and trial teaching strategies for the subject.

In particular, Grant’s breakdown of the different types of maps and their uses, his tricks for remembering how to interpret contour lines and his dissection of weather and climate will help me to bring these topics to life with my students. In pairs, teachers explored estimating and calculating scale, finding grid references, and interpreting map features – repositioning us as inquisitive students in order to really comprehend the breakdown of skills and how to construct those “aha” moments. Grant’s passion and knowledge for the subject was palpable, making it a real pleasure and privilege to learn from him. Thank you to Grant and to GHTANT for supporting me to attend the professional development from Katherine.'