A series of documents to assist primary teachers with their planning of the revised F-6/7 HASS curriculum has been approved and uploaded to the web.  


Finding documents on the Australian Curriculum website:

More PDFs  will be uploaded in the months ahead. To locate PDFs find them located in the "subject" menu, not the Learning area menu. (HASS is a “learning area” for Years F-10 with five “subjects” under that umbrella. Note how the subject titles are now prefaced with F-6/7 or 7-10). Details are presented at the top of the HASS opening page. To find the curriculum, information and PDFs for each subject, go to the “Subjects” menu BELOW the Learning area menu – http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/humanities-and-social-sciences/introduction

History Curriculum documents

Australian Curriculum for History



Local History


Fannie Bay History and Heritage Society Inc. Local history enthusiasts and potential speakers




Links to Web sites

Centenary of World War One



Roll of Honour soundscapes



Australian War Memorial



Teachit History UK 







  • Asia and Indigenous culture
  • Civics and Citizenship


Lower Primary

  • Use of wedding photos to look at changes in colour, style and position over time
  • Look at changes over time e.g. Darwin
  • Why does change occur?


Middle Primary

  • Voyages of exploration
  • Introduce maps by comparing past to present
  • Maps have to be familiar and in context for the students
  • May require some initial teacher exposition and scaffolding/unpacking
  • Compare with Northern Territory stories e.g. need to import food


Upper Primary

  • Need to gather secondary sources to start sources analysis
  • Look at changes in Australian society during 20th Century
  • Bombing of Darwin e.g. excursions and use of primary and secondary sources


Lower Secondary: Years 7 to 8

  • Use Australian History competition sources
  • Look at ancient societies
  • Use a variety of sources
  • Explicit teaching to develop skills in interpretation of sources
  • Must connect with prior knowledge and skills
  • Atmosphere in class room of acceptance of a wide range and students must feel comfortable, able to inquire and then critique theirs and others work


Middle Secondary: Years 9 to 10

  • Students need to develop, enhance and apply own questions
  • Teachers facilitate the process by modeling and questioning in na interactive environment
  • Evaluation and revision is needed in exploring the relationship between sources and questions e.g. which is the best film to use?