A series of documents to assist primary teachers with their planning of the revised F-6/7 HASS curriculum has been approved and uploaded to the web.

Finding documents on the Australian Curriculum website:

More PDFs  will be uploaded in the months ahead. To locate PDFs find them located in the "subject" menu, not the Learning area menu. (HASS is a “learning area” for Years F-10 with five “subjects” under that umbrella. Note how the subject titles are now prefaced with F-6/7 or 7-10). Details are presented at the top of the HASS opening page. To find the curriculum, information and PDFs for each subject, go to the “Subjects” menu BELOW the Learning area menu –


Geography Resources

AGTA Journal Vol 28 2015  Geographical Education 2015

Curriculum documents 


Australian Curriculum


National Close the Gap Day  17th of March
Register online  for the free resource kit from Oxfam Australia.  This is aligned with the Australian Curriculum.  see link

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Asia Education Foundation


GIS Geography
ESRI (about GIS)
Scootle for GIS
Australian Electoral Commission Downloads
Geoscience Australia
Northern Territory Land Information System
Department of Planning and Infrastructure  BAMs Maps
Geography Careers
Institute of Australian Geographers.  Links to courses
Bureau of Meteorology Careers
Bureau of Meteorology

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Geography Teachers Association South Australia

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 Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sports
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Rangeland Movement
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 Vegetation and Land Management
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 Water Resources
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 Parks General Enquires
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