Australian Geography Competition 2016

The competition runs from the 16th to the the 27th of May of 2016. The cost to students is $4.00.  Registration and entry fee must be paid and completed by the 15th of April. For more details follow the prompts on the link

A reminder that entries for the 2016 Australian Geography Competition close on Friday 8th of April with payments due Friday 15th of April.


In 2016:

  • Students will be graded in each high school year level (Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12).
  • Students, in each year level, who have completed a valid answer sheet will receive a certificate (Participation, Credit, Distinction, and High Distinction).
  • Students, in each year level, falling in the top 1% in Australia will receive a special certificate.
  • Highest-scoring students in each Year in Australia, in each State and in the combined Territories (ACT, NT and the External Territories) will each receive a prize (special certificate, book). Students in each Year who come first in Australia will receive a medal.

All Students are allowed 35 minutes to complete the questions.

To enter visit

Honouring Australian Vietnam Veterans Competition

The national secondary schools competition honours Vietnam Veterans. Winners participate in a three day program in Canberra. All entries must be in by the end of Term 1, 2016.  For more information  see the website Honouring Australian Vietnam Veterans  or contact Michael Rule (Defence Transition Coordinator) at Darwin High on 89991211 or email

National History Competition 2016 

There will be two competitions in 2016:

A Year 10 competition will be broadly based on the Australian Curriculum: History for Years 9 and 10.

A Year 8 competition will be broadly based on the Australian Curriculum: History for Years 7 and 8.   


It is an opportunity for teachers and students to engage with many aspects of the Australian Curriculum, as well as test their knowledge, skills and understandings of history.  


For further information  including due dates follow this link Australian History Competition


Registration Online Forms


Celebrate Commonwealth Week 7th to 11th of March 2016 Commonwealth Curriculum Links
Offical Day March the 14th 
Schools are invited to Parliament House for tour and information session lasting 2 hours.  Snacks and water provided.  Buses are funded by Parliamentry Education Services. 
Please contact James Reardon, Community Engagement Coordinator, Parliamentary Education Services
89461417 or email

Australian History Competition 2014


The Australian History Competition is prepared by the History Teachers’ Association of Australia and run in conjunction with The Giant Classroom. While a primary goal has been to provide an interesting and challenging competition for students, we also see this as an opportunity to support teachers in the implementation of the new Australian Curriculum: History. It is an opportunity to provide a quality resource that demonstrates approaches to the assessment of kno@wledge, skills and understandings and promotes a broad view of history.




In 2014 the competition was offerred at two levels:


  • A Year 10 competition broadly based on the Australian Curriculum Years 9 & 10
  • A Year 8 competition broadly based on the Australian Curriculum Years 7 & 8

The Northern Territory had a National winner who was Digby Williams from Kormilda College in Darwin. For details of this news please click here.


The 2015 Australian History Competition opens for registration on 27 October 2015. For more details on this competitition please click here.

2014 National History Challenge for Australian Students

The National History Challenge is a research-based competition for students.


It gives your students a chance to be an historian, researching world history, examining Australia’s past, investigating their community and exploring their own roots. It emphasizes and rewards quality research, the use of community resources and effective presentation.


For details of the winners in the 2014 National History Challenge please click here. Northern Territory winners were Cassandra Savaas and Daniel Fry, both from Darwin Middle School.


For more details of this competition click here for the website of the National History Challenge.